Photonic Systems Inc. (PSI) provides innovative RF and photonic solutions that enable new and improved wireless system performance and capabilities.

PSI has moved to a brand new state of the art facility located at 175 Middlesex Turnpike in Bedford, MA

NEW: 110 GHz millimeter-wave over fiber link
RF Over Fiber Links

RF/Microwave signal connectivity using fiber-optic cable provides a low loss, EMI and RFI immune, light weight, secure, and high reliability solution in place of coaxial cable or free-space transmission. PSI’s engineering team are among the principal contributors that established the field of microwave and RF photonics technology setting numerous record breaking performance results along the way. Today, PSI offers a variety of standard and customized RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave over fiber links to >110 GHz including the lowest noise (NF) figure links available without requiring a low noise amplifier (LNA).  Learn more >

EMI-immune, high-fidelity,
wideband RF/Microwave
signal transport
Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR)

Every wireless device requires electromagnetic spectrum, a finite natural resource that is controlled by government regulations throughout the world. Many billions of dollars are spent by wireless services providers for spectrum licenses but the demand for more economically usable spectrum to satisfy the rapid growth in wireless applications cannot be satisfied. To help solve the spectrum crisis, PSI has invented same-channel simultaneous transmit and receive (STAR) circuit and software algorithms that effectively doubles spectrum efficiency.
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Enables single-channel
full-duplex communications…
doubling spectrum efficiency
RF Interferfence Cancellers

Although regulated, the electromagnetic spectrum is a congested environment with multiple radios operating near each other resulting in co-site RF interference. Whether unintentional or intentional (jamming), in-band RF interference that cannot be reduced by filters degrades or can completely interrupt system connectivity. PSI has developed unique circuit and software algorithm solutions to dramatically reduce unwanted RF interference from an interferer on the same platform or on a separate platform where a reference copy of the interferer is not available.  Learn more >

Mitigates co-site interference
from same and separate
platform sources
Photonic and Electronic Components

From the development of the lowest Vpi optical modulators to extremely accurate laser diode and modulators bias control (MBC) circuits, PSI offers a variety of specialized devices and components for RF and photonic based systems. In addition to standard product offerings, PSI designs, develops, and manufactures a number of customer optical modulator and electronic control solutions. Learn more about PSI’s laser and modulator bias controllers and optical modulators.

High perfomance photonic and
electronic components

Photonically Sampled Electronically Quantized (PSEQ) ADC

Analog to digital converters (ADCs) provide the critical link between the RF analog front-end and the high speed digital signal processing function chain in a receiver. Unfortunately in high performance applications, the ADC is typically the weakest link in this chain; limiting the capabilities of the digital receiver.  The photonically sampled electronically quantized (PSEQ) ADCs in development at PSI provides >10x improvement in ADC speed and resolution enabling new system capabilities and improved accuracy.

Leap-ahead analog to digital conversion performance
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