Photonic Systems, Inc. offers semiconductor laser diode controllers and modulator bias controller  (MBC) products that maintain a specific point on the transfer function curve of an electro-optic modulator. The PSI-2450 Integrated Contoller provides both laser diode and modulator bias control funtion in a small, wide temperature range configuration.

The PSI-0204-11 chip-scale small signal bias controller is a highly accurate small form factor device intended for OEM applications. This modulator bias controller allows you to select the bias point at the QUAD +/- or MIN/MAX points on the transfer function of the modulator. The PSI-0204-99 evaluation kit is also offered and strongly suggested for first time users of the PSI-0204-11 to aid with the design integration process.

The PSI-0204 is also offered in a bench-top laboratory version with full control knob features and display meters.

The PSI-2011-11 is a miniature modulator bias controller circuit card that provides highly accurate QUAD+ modulator transfer function point control. 

The PSI-2044-11 is a miniature modulator bias controller circuit card that provides highly accurate MIN modulator transfer function point control. 

The PSI-0404-11 ditherless modulator bias controller maintains a user adjustable bias point by holding a fixed power ratio of the optical input and output ports.

TPSI can also modify its bias controller products to meet customer needs. Please contact PSI with you modulator bias controller application requirements.

PSI-2450 Integrated Laser & Modulator Bias Controller
PSI-0204-11 Chip-scale Modulator Bias Controller
PSI-0204-99 Modulator Bias Controller Evaluation Kit
PSI-0204 Instrument Modulator Bias Controller
PSI-2011-11 QUAD+ Miniature  Modulator Bias Controller
PSI-2011-44 MIN Miniature  Modulator Bias Controller
PSI-0404 Ditherless Modulator Bias Controller